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We are a Gold Coast web design & development team with a presence on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast that partners with businesses like yours to create a new website that wows your customers.

We typically don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we do take pride in the fact we are a local success story. From humble beginnings in 2013, we’ve grown our Gold Coast presence to now be based across South-East Queensland. These days you’ll also find SEO Web Logistics team members in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

And, during this time of expansion, we have won more than a few awards including:

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    Website Design

    We create websites that knock your socks off. Your website will be designed by an award-winning team, who deliver design outcomes based on the latest industry trends.

    Host and Maintain

    We’ll ensure your website is always running, backed up and updated with all the latest plugins and updates. This ensures your business gets full value out of your website for many years.

    Effortless Transition

    Get found on Google

    Once your website is completed and looking a million dollars, you can choose to promote it via either Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and/or Google Adwords campaigns. This will help ensure your online business flourishes.

    Commonly asked questions

    Got more website questions than answers? Feel free to explore our FAQs below to help you decide if we are the Gold Coast web design agency you’re looking for. If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

    Since 2013, during an incredible era of digital change, we’ve been delivering great websites to happy clients. During this time, we have also taken out several awards, both at a local and national level. We love the work we do and are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes, from a variety of industries.

    What makes us most proud is that we have client relationships going back almost a decade now. Regularly, we see clients return to us when they need their next website build and they also refer us to others in their network. We believe these relationships, and the repeat and referral business they bring, are our greatest asset.

    At SEO Web Logistics, we do more than just build websites. With an outstanding online presence, we like to think that through the use of our digital marketing solutions, we are helping our clients to achieve business success.

    We’re all about fostering prosperous relationships and delivering quality outcomes. Hello and goodbye just isn’t the way we like to operate. In the same way that you are seeking an experienced web design company that is firmly focused on your success, we too prefer to work with clients who are just as devoted as we are to ensuring a favourable outcome.

    We direct each of our clients through our tried and tested processes, and engineer a web design solution that is tailored to meet the exact needs of their business. Customers often cite us as being more akin to business mentors or even business associates than ordinary web design agencies. At the centre of it all, it involves having a clearly defined procedure.

    A proper plan, thorough research, a high-level of client input and a common direction. When you do things the right way, everything seems to fall in place. Our websites help your small business website generate leads and deliver results that will bring a smile to your face.

    Absolutely. We have staff based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane

    How quickly your website is completed depends on how complex the build is and whether the website content is immediately available.

    Once we have received all content, nearly all our projects are completed with 6 to 10 weeks. E-commerce websites tend to take a little longer than static websites.

    This depends on a number of variables including the size of the website, the site’s functionality / complexity and the type of design. E-commerce websites are also generally more expensive. However, to give you a rough ballpark figure, a straightforward WordPress site will cost around $5000. More complex designs, with a higher number of features and/or pages, may cost $10,000 or more. E-commerce builds generally start at $6,800.

    This is a very important question – you want to be partnering with a website design company that is regularly completing website builds….not a company or freelancer where it’s a side hustle.

    Many Gold Coast website designers will claim to have extensive experience. Be sure to question this and ask to see completed websites. Take the time to work your way through the various design styles and

    the overall user experience. SEO Web Logistics, on average, completes a website every week and our most recent ones can be found on our portfolio page. We’d also encourage you to look at Google reviews before committing to a website design agency. An agency without a high number of (good!) reviews, should be a red flag.

    It’s true nowadays most people can work on a website and complete it in a week or two. CMS Platforms like WIX have seen exponential growth in DIY digital projects, and for the most basic online presence, these can be effective.

    However, if you want a website that is professional, tailored to your business needs, fast, SEO-ready and converts….it’s best to partner with an agency whose web designers and developers create websites every day.

    Building websites can be an extremely daunting process, if you have no prior experience. Adding all relevant information about your business services and/or products, and carefully placing each call-to-action (CTA), all the while ensuring your website guarantees an optimal user experience and is aesthetically pleasing, requires a considerable amount of expertise.

    As a longstanding design agency, we provide all of this and more, all under one roof. We have an experienced team of dedicated web design and web developers who create captivating web designs that your target audience will love. Our staff have a passion for the industry, and understand what it takes to design and develop a website that showcases your business in the best possible way.

    With our creative flair and technical prowess, we’re able to bring your business and everything it stands for, to life. Whether it’s enticing website visitors with a bold design and effortless functionality, or building an eCommerce site (online store) that makes browsing and buying your products an absolute breeze, our web design and development team on the Gold Coast, will ensure that your website is a roaring success.

    Additionally, we are also online marketing specialists who will maximise your online exposure, resulting in ground-breaking search results.

    If you have an existing website, that just needs a renovation or more content, an update may cost you less and be done more quickly. Scenarios where this may be most relevant include:

    • New corporate branding / colours.
    • Updating a tired design into something more contemporary.
    • The addition of new website pages (including services and/or products).
    • Or, put simply, you are on a tight budget.

    Yes, as a Gold Coast web design and web development company, we do build e-commerce websites. Since COVID-19, we’ve seen an ongoing surge in demand for e-commerce websites. We’ve built dozens of e-commerce sites over the years, for a variety of industries.

    A website that responds and adjusts to different screen sizes is often called responsive custom web designs.

    This is an absolute must nowadays. And it’s not just important on mobile devices either – optimisation should also be completed for tablet screens and different size PC screens.

    Yes, we host about 100 websites, ensuring each is running and backed up. Our pricing starts at $499 for 12 months. Please visit our host and maintain page for more information.

    Yes. We have hosting plans starting from $99+GST per month. Please visit our host and maintain page for more information.

    We have a documented web design Gold Coast process, or standard operating procedure (SOP), to help ensure your website project is as seamless as possible. Our Gold Coast web designers, developers and digital marketing team use project management software called Teamwork. You will also be assigned a project manager to be your central point of contact throughout the build.

    Following our processes helps to ensure your website build is completed on time and according to the agreed brief.

    We also focus on client communication through the process. We kick off each build with either a face-to-face meeting or a zoom call. From there we commit to providing regular updates to ensure you are aware of what stage your project is at.

    The content management system (CMS) is what’s used to create and organise content on your website. This is an important question – particularly if you plan on updating your website and adding content later.

    We unashamedly solely use WordPress – it’s the most popular CMS, for very good reason (including its intuitiveness). Given our experience in search engine optimisation (SEO), we also are adamant that it provides superior results once launched.

    Although SEO continues to evolve, there are technical best practices relating to SEO that should always be implemented. We set up these SEO foundations after each website build. Given we also specialise in SEO, we are also able to further enhance your search engine presence and search engine traffic following your website launch.

    As part of our search engine optimisation packages, we are also able to assist your business in whatever content creation you require. Landing pages are an essential component of ensuring a successful SEO campaign, and we’ll research, structure and create the content necessary to provide a landing page that captivates and converts. Doing this helps generate more organic traffic, more customers and more leads.

    Our SEO tasks are not done by a web designer (it’s like asking a car mechanic to fix an aeroplane). Once the website build is completed, our clients benefit from an SEO specialist completing these search engine foundations. All SEO campaigns utilise Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

    Any web design or website developer will tell you that coding and website development is only part of the project. Lots of prior preparation goes into ensuring your project is a success.

    Included in this is ensuring you have agreed to relevant written content, logo design and photography. We can help with all of these (although quite often we’ll need a bit of guidance with written content as we work hard to understand your business needs).

    Clients can also bring much of this together from a previous or existing site or even prepare it themselves. However, keep in mind that the text on your website is very important. The best results (including conversion outcomes) are achieved when copywriting is completed professionally.

    Regardless of the approach, having as much as possible prepared prior to starting the website build is important in ensuring your project gets off to a good start. We’ll talk you through this and give you a checklist of everything you need.

    A web designer is an individual who is proficient in designing the visual aspect of websites. Their main duty is to utilise both creative and technical expertise to create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly websites that comply with the specific requirements of their clients. The following is a list of key roles and responsibilities that a web designer will typically be required to perform on a daily basis.

    Website Planning: Website designers need to work closely with clients to develop an understanding of their specific requirements, target demographic, and overall objectives for the website. Web designers are involved in the planning, strategy phase and design phase to establish the site’s structure, features, and functionality.

    Visual Design: Web designers are tasked with the development of the visual aspects of the site. This includes devising the layout, landin page design, colour palettes, fonts, media elements (images, logos, videos), icons, and any other aesthetic components. For this reason, web designers must always possess graphic design skills. They aspire to build a logical and intuitive user interface (UI) that fits with the client’s brand identity and optimises the user experience (UX).

    Wireframing and Prototyping: Before commencing the design phase of a given project, Gold Coast web designers will typically construct wireframes or prototypes to help themselves and the client visualise the website’s structure and navigation. These wireframes are designed to act as a blueprint for the website’s desired layout, and help to quickly diagnose potential usability issues that may be encountered. It is during this time that necessary changes can be made to resolve such issues.

    User Experience (UX) Design: A Gold Coast web designer is tasked with designing an enjoyable user experience by making sure that the client’s website is simple to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and usable on all devices and screen sizes. They are required to be mindful of things such as usability, interaction design, information architecture, and user psychology to maximise the site’s usability and visitor fulfillment.

    HTML/CSS Coding: While a website designer is not always required to perform coding on a project, thorough knowledge of both HTML and CSS is desirable. They should ideally be able to reproduce their visual mock ups into actual web pages or work with web developers to ensure that the design can be accurately replicated.

    Work with Developers: Gold Coast Web design specialists must be able to work effectively alongside the web development team, to ensure that their visual designs can be brough into existence. They work in unison to incorporate visual features, images, and video content into the site’s design and ensure optimal performance across all browsers and devices.

    Responsive Design: With more users browsing websites on phones than computers these days, it’s essential that web design specialists can build WordPress sites that are ‘responsive’. This means ensuring that the custom website design is fully functional on all devices. This requires the website’s layout and visual elements to scale dynamically, to suit the device’s resolution and screen size. This responsive website design guarantees an optimal user experience on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

    Testing and Refinement: Gold Coast website designers are required to perform comprehensive testing and quality assurance, in order to diagnose and fix any website design or usability issues. They receive feedback from fellow designers, developers, and clients and make necessary adjustments to improve the website’s performance.

    Stays in touch with the latest trends: The Gold Coast web design landscape is constantly changing and evolving, a professional web designer must remain up to date with the very latest trends, technological features and best practices. They must look to constantly grow their existing industry knowledge and skillset, to deliver cutting-edge website designs that satisfy client and user expectations.

    SEO Web Logistics

    Delivers memorable website designs that sell

    Since 2013, we have built a strong reputation for delivering hundreds of memorable website designs that can:

    • Define your brand
    • Sell your services
    • Tell the world who you are

    Is your business ready for a digital transformation?
    Can it do a better job of engaging with customers in order to lead to more sales and conversions? SEO Web Logistics can help your business hit its online goals.

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    Why partner with SEO Web Logistics for your new website?

    We have been providing clients with professional web design Gold Coast based services for almost a decade. We have a long and successful track record of building high performing websites that helps local businesses reach their online potential.

    As an award-winning Gold Coast website company, the web designers and developers at SEO Web Logistics partner with both new and established brands to deliver world-class digital products. We proudly create meaningful connections between brands and consumers through a deliberate digital strategy and user-first website design.

    As digital marketing professionals who have expert knowledge of website SEO and Google Ads, we also specialise in getting websites found on Google, through the use of SEO strategies that are tailored specifically to your business, and we use are online marketing skillset to ensure that our client websites not only feature impressive web design and development, but also a sales focus.

    All of our Gold Coast websites are SEO optimised as part of our web design services. We also run each of our page designs through a conversion rate optimisation lens. These basic foundations help to ensure your new site and unique online presence can hit the ground running, making you the envy of other businesses.

    As an experienced digital agency with a proven track record, the SEO Web Logistics team is here to help you for your next website build. We’ll always do our best to answer your call and update you on the progress of your project every step of the way.

    We can also provide face to face meetings on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast when convenient.

    If you partner with a renowned design agency such as SEO Web Logistics, you will quickly realise our Gold Coast web design team are superstar coders. Our web developers work incredibly hard to write clean code that works.

    We focus on continuous improvement by embracing the latest digital trends and web design concepts. We also combine technology with cross-compatibility to ensure your site works well across all browser types and devices.

    From simple Theme-based sites, right through to the design and development of complex websites, our professional team has the necessary skills and experience to bring your idea of the ultimate small business website into reality.

    Want a custom designed eCommerce store that is easy to navigate and guarantees maximum functionality? Get in touch with us and we can develop a site that suits your exact needs.

    We are unashamedly a WordPress developer – our experience has told us it is the best CMS platform available. As far as content management systems go, WordPress has proven itself to be faster, more secure and more Gold Coast SEO-friendly than its CMS competitors.

    Once we hand over the keys to your new site, most clients generally agree that their new WordPress website is intuitive in the back end and they are able to make changes to their website with little or no prior experience.

    Once your Gold Coast website is done, we can help you with your hosting and maintenance needs.

    Our hosting services will help ensure your website is stable, fast and backed up daily. And our care and maintenance plans will ensure your website is running on the latest security, WordPress and plugin updates.


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