Want Your App to Succeed? Then Embrace These 3 Cardinal Rules of App Development.

Want Your App to Succeed? Then Embrace These 3 Cardinal Rules of App Development.

There are various ways in which your app can fail. Fail even if you have put in all the hard work in developing the app and making sure that the app was working correctly.

However, if you ignore these three keys to testing, failure is sure going to follow. Many app developers are in a hurry to get their apps published and working. And, they are trying to fast-forward the testing part of the app. And, this is the biggest mistake that they can make. You should never ignore these three keys to testing if you want your app to succeed.

Statistics about app failures

Did you know that more than forty percent of all mobile apps that are developed and created, end up failing? Maybe it might be because of development problems, or because of not getting it tested enough. But almost half of the apps we can purchase or download didn’t make it to the app stores.

The most common reason is that the app development companies release the app too soon. They didn’t make sure that it worked correctly, and didn’t release a beta version first. Causing people to lose interest in an app that doesn’t work correctly.

1) Start the development slowly

Don’t make this mistake. Start development slowly. Take one feature at a time. Develop the feature, and release it as a beta for testing. Work on that feature until it is working correctly and until the users are satisfied that it works.

Then, you can go to the next feature. Design, develop and release as a beta. Wait for the commends and repair and tweak as many mistakes as possible. Making sure that you are repeating this process until your app is completely done. With all the features you wanted to have on the app. But, remember that an app is never 100% done. Updates should always be done on a regular basis.

2) Rigorous testing; start early and do so frequently until app is ready

As we said before, rigorous testing is essential. Making sure that you are putting the app for beta testing right at the beginning of the development cycle and continuing to do so on a regular basis until the app is ready to be published. Don’t wait until the whole app is done. Then, you might lose a lot of money, if the app isn’t working.

Mobile app testing is really important. You don’t need to overdo the testing, but you need to get it done on a regular basis so that you can know if the app is still on track, or if there is something seriously wrong with the development that you need to correct before you can continue with the rest of the development process.

3) Know as much about app design and the difficulties you may face

This is the biggest mistake that people are making. They think that they can use the “new online software” for designing apps and that they are going to be successful with it.

This isn’t the truth. You need to make sure that you know as much about designing apps, and the technical challenges that you can face. And, how you can repair it without losing too much time on one challenge. The more you know about app development, the better results you are going to have.

If you think that you can create and develop an app without these three processes, then you are mistaken. The only thing that you are going to have, is one big disaster and losing a lot of money. By following this guide and knowing how to make sure that the testing is done correctly, your app will have the best chance of success. Of getting purchased online.