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We are a Palm Beach web design & development team that partners with businesses like yours to create websites that wow customers.
We typically don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we do take pride in the fact we are a local success story. From humble beginnings in 2013, we’ve grown our Gold Coast presence to now be based across South-East Queensland. These days you’ll also find SEO Web Logistics team members in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
And, during this time of expansion, we have won more than a few awards including:

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

2015 – Knowledge Management & IT Award

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

2016 – Emerging Business Award

Australian Enterprise Awards

2019 – Best Web Design & Online Marketing Company Gold Coast

Media Innovator Awards

2020 – Best SEO & Web Design Company – Queensland

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Dynamic and Unique Website Designs

Our Services

Website Design

We create websites that knock your socks off. Your website will be designed by an award-winning team, who deliver design outcomes based on the latest industry trends.

Host and Maintain

We’ll ensure your website is always running, backed up and updated with all the latest plugins and updates. This ensures your business gets full value out of your website for many years.

Get found on Google

Once your website is completed and looking a million dollars, you can choose to promote it via either Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and/or Google Adwords campaigns. This will help ensure your online business flourishes.

Software Integration

Why partner with SEO Web Logistics for your new website?

Since 2008, we’ve been meeting the needs of businesses and organisations in the Gold Coast area with our expert web design services. We’ve been helping businesses realise their full online potential with high-quality, long-lasting websites for years.

SEO Web Logistics is a leading website design firm that collaborates with startups, small to medium sized businesses, as well as large, multi-nationals to create innovative digital solutions. We take great pride in the fact that, by employing a well-thought-out digital strategy and putting the needs of our site’s visitors first, we are able to forge

We employ our expertise in SEO to make sure that our clients’ sites are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimised for conversions.

As part of our web design service, all of our websites are also SEO optimised. Each page layout is evaluated with an eye on increasing conversion rates. Your new online presence will be off to a good start with these fundamentals in place.

If you need support with your next website project, the SEO Web Logistics team is standing by. The status of your project will be communicated to you at regular intervals, and we will always try our best to answer your calls.

When it’s more convenient for you, we may arrange in-person meetings on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, or on the Sunshine Coast.

Working with SEO Web Logistics, you’ll soon discover that our Palm Beach web developers are superstars. Our web developers put in a lot of time and effort to produce reliable, well-organized code.

Constantly incorporating cutting-edge web standards and design principles into our processes is a top priority. For optimal performance in all browsers and on all devices, we also employ cross-compatibility technology.

In our many years of experience, WordPress has proven itself to be the greatest content management system (CMS) out there and that is what we use exclusively. In comparison to other content management systems, WordPress has been shown to be more efficient, secure, and SEO-friendly.

When we give over the keys to your new WordPress website, most clients say that the administrative interface is straightforward and that they can make updates to the site with no training.

When your site is complete, we can also assist you with hosting and upkeep.

When you use our hosting services, you can be certain that your site will be secure, loaded quickly, and backed up every day. Furthermore, our care and maintenance packages will guarantee that your website is using the most recent security, WordPress, and plugin upgrades.

Download 30 pages of local marketing ideas for your Gold Coast business.

SEO Web Logistics has put together a 30 page booklet called Your Gold Coast Marketing Guide 2022 (COVID edition), which is full of marketing ideas, explanations and insights. We know COVID has been tough on many local businesses and hopefully our booklet can provide your business with some marketing inspiration!

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Gold Coast Marketing Guide 2022
SEO Web Logistics

Delivers memorable website designs that sell

Since 2013, we have built a strong reputation for delivering hundreds of memorable website designs that can:

  • Define your brand
  • Sell your services
  • Tell the world who you are

Is your business ready for a digital transformation?
Can it do a better job of engaging with customers in order to lead to more sales and conversions? SEO Web Logistics can help your business hit its online goals.

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Commonly asked questions

Got more website questions than answers? Feel free to explore our FAQs below to help you decide if we are the Gold Coast web design agency you’re looking for. If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

We have been providing excellent websites to satisfied customers since 2013, a year that marked the beginning of a period of unprecedented transformation in the field of digital media. We have also won a number of honours at the state and national levels throughout this period. We are dedicated to the success of companies of all sizes and in a wide range of fields because we genuinely like what we do.

One of our greatest accomplishments is the longevity of our client relationships, which average nine years. Clients frequently come back to us when they need another website built, and they also frequently recommend us to their friends and colleagues. These connections, along with the recurring and referred business they generate, are invaluable to us.

Absolutely. We have staff based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

The time it takes to finish your website relies on its complexity throughout development and whether or not its material can be obtained fast.

In most cases, we’re able to finish a job in 6-10 weeks after we’ve received all content. Online stores typically take a little longer to load than standard websites.

A lot of factors, such as the website’s size, its functionality/complexity, and its design, affect this. The cost of doing business through an online storefront is typically higher as well. To give you an idea, though, a basic WordPress site will run you something in the neighbourhood of $5,000. Designing a website with a lot of bells and whistles and pages might easily run you $10,000 or more. Website development for online stores typically begins around $6,800.

The answer to this question is crucial, as you should only work with a website design firm or freelancer who routinely completes website builds rather than someone for whom this is a side activity.

Countless Gold Coast web designers will tell you they have years of industry expertise. You should enquire about this and request examples of finished websites. Take your time exploring the interface’s layout and features.

On average, SEO Web Logistics launches a new website every week, and you can check out the most recent ones in our web design portfolio. You could also check out the existing Google reviews of Palm Beach website design agencies before choosing to hire one. Lack of positive feedback about a service provider might raise warning flags.

It’s true that in the present day the average person can put in a week or two of effort and have a fully functional website. DIY digital projects on platforms like WIX have grown rapidly, and they might be useful for creating a rudimentary web presence.

But if you want a site that looks great, functions well, is optimised for search engines, and brings in customers, you should work with a company that specialises in website design.

If you have an existing website, that just needs a renovation or more content, an update may cost you less and be done more quickly. Scenarios where this may be most relevant include:

  • New corporate branding / colours.
  • Updating a tired design into something more contemporary.
  • The addition of new website pages (including services and/or products).
  • Or, put simply, you are on a tight budget.

Yes, we do build eCommerce websites. Since COVID-19, we’ve seen an enormous spike in demand for eCommerce websites, now that many people are choosing to shop online for goods, rather than purchase them from traditional brick and mortar stores. We’ve built dozens of eCommerce sites over the years, for a variety of industries.

Responsive web design refers to the practise of developing a website that automatically reformats itself to fit a variety of different display widths.

The modern world demands this. Not only should your site be optimised for mobile devices, but also for tablets and various desktop screen sizes.

Yes, we host over 100 websites at present, ensuring each is running and backed up. Our pricing starts at $499 for 12 months. Please visit our host and maintain page for more information.

You certainly can. We have hosting plans starting from $99+GST per month. Please visit our host and maintain page for more information.

To make sure that the development of your website goes as smoothly as possible, we have established a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the design process. Teamwork, a piece of software designed specifically for managing projects, is also in use. As the work progresses, you’ll have access to a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact.

By sticking to our procedures, you can make sure that your website is built on schedule and meets all of your requirements.

Keeping in constant contact with the client is another priority. Each construction begins with a meeting, either in person or over a zoom call. After then, we promise to keep you apprised of the project’s progress on a regular basis.

In order to develop and organise material for your website, you will need a content management system (CMS). This is a crucial enquiry to answer if you want to make any changes or additions to your website in the future.

We make no secret of the fact that we only ever employ WordPress; there’s a good reason it’s the most widely used content management system (including its intuitiveness). Having extensive knowledge in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO), we are also confident in its ability to deliver first-rate outcomes once it is released.

Even though SEO is continually changing, there are some tried-and-true technical best practises that should never be disregarded. After each website is built, we implement these SEO building blocks. Since we are also search engine optimisation (SEO) experts, we can help improve your website’s ranking in search engines long after it has been released.

It’s important to note that unlike other companies, we don’t have web designers handle our SEO work (it’d be like asking a car mechanic to fix an aeroplane). Our customers benefit from having an SEO expert finish these search engine foundations after the website is built.

Any Palm Beach web designer or developer will tell you that creating the actual website is only half the battle. Making sure your project is successful requires a lot of planning ahead of time.

This includes checking that you’re satisfied with the copy, logo, and images used. We’re able to assist with all of them (though we’ll typically want some direction with written material as we strive to comprehend your company’s prerequisites).

In addition, customers can compile much of information from an earlier website or even create it themselves. The text of your website, however, should not be overlooked. When copywriting is done expertly, the best results are produced, including conversion rates.

No of the strategy, getting a head start on the website construction by having as much as possible ready is essential. We’ll explain everything in detail and provide a comprehensive list of resources.


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