Biggest Mistakes People Make When Designing Mobile Apps

Biggest Mistakes People Make When Designing Mobile Apps

Every business is starting to create mobile apps. But, there are things that other businesses are doing with their apps that you should stop doing immediately. Especially if you want to have a successful app that is going to get the best reviews.

It is important to know what trends you should stop doing when you are designing and developing your app. Even if you are making use of a professional app developer. You are in control, and you can stop doing these things when you are designing your app.

1) Making the app too difficult to use

This is something that is getting done all the time. People that are making their apps too difficult to use. Especially for those people that aren’t familiar with using apps.

It is sometimes better to have an app that is basic and easy to use rather than having a complicated app, but that not many customers and clients can use. This can let you lose customers instead of getting higher ratings. Make sure that your developer knows that you want to have an app that is basic and easy to use. For everyone.

2) Adding too many advertisements on the app

We all know that having ads on your app is basically paying for the app. But it won’t help if your app is so full of apps that people don’t want to make use of your app anymore. Ads are necessary, we all know that. But, having too many of them can cause you to lose clients and app users.

The moment that there is an advertisement showing up every minute while someone is on the app, they are going to exit. So, rather make use of fewer ads, and have more customers using your app.

3) Trying to create the app yourself

Yes, there are programs and software online where you can create your own mobile app. It is cheap and easy to use. However, this is letting you create a simple, low-quality app. Everyone that is going to use the app will see that you have created the app yourself. This isn’t good publicity.

It is much better to make use of a professional app development company or digital agency. Paying more for getting your mobile app created. And, know for sure that your clients are going to see that you have put in a lot of effort into creating your app. Ensuring good publicity, even if they need to pay for using your app.

4) Lying in the marketing of the app

This is happening all the time. Lying when you are doing marketing of the app. Saying that it is for free, or that clients are going to get special discounts when they are subscribing to the app and paying a monthly subscription.

There are people that are willing to pay for using an app. But then they want to know the truth. The moment that they find out that you have been lying with the marketing, they will quiet with the subscription, give a bad rating and let everyone know that you have been lying. Meaning that your app will be a failure in no time. And, people will know that they can’t trust your app or your business.

When you are creating your app, there are things that you should do and should stop doing. Even, if this means that you should pay more for creating and managing your app. This is the best way to ensure that your new app is going to be successful and growing. And, that you are going to get good and positive reviews on the app store.