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We know that bold, clean web design will help business websites on the Gold Coast attract more customers, increase sales, and retain loyal customers.

People judge your business by the appearance of your website, so what is your website saying about you & your business?

Whether you are looking for a new website design or a redesign of an existing website, our Gold Coast team will create for you a custom website, completely unique to your business and marketing goals. Everything from website layout and site navigation to the visual elements such as photos, colors and typography, we will help you tell your story in a way that will appeal to upscale, web-savvy customers.

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Under the hood of every website design is a solid foundation that will support your search engine ranking and your online business’ marketing success.

Behind the scenes, every site is programmed using the clean, modern HTML code that Google looks at favorably.

The team here at SEO Web Logistics make sure your galleries and slide-shows are search engine friendly as well.
Full integration with Google analytics lets you evaluate where your online traffic is coming from, how they found you,what they did there, and even what device they searched from.

Which pages are working for you? Which need to be adjusted? Bounce rates etc, all a part of what we call SEO.

Design that strikes the balance between appealing to the Search Engines and appealing to the “real person” website visitors – so they will click on the “Contact Us” button and become your customers.

Our content management system and the easy update tools make it incredibly easy to keep your site up to date with relevant news and information, which in turn saves you money because you can do all the updates yourself.

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