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Gold Coast custom website design is one of the most important aspects of your branding and marketing efforts. In today’s digital marketplace, not having a website is like hanging up a “closed for business” sign!

Also, a critical factor is that your web presence is well-designed and well-defined. This goes beyond nice looking pages with your logo placed front and center. A well-designed website invites your customers (and potential customers) in and engages them. It encourages them to interact with you, and ultimately, to transact with you in the future.

Your website is your calling card in the digital marketplace. Not only should your web design effectively incorporate your logo, but it should also reflect your branding. This goes beyond the name of your company or your logo and is an expression of your unique message and selling points. Branding should communicate your company philosophy, how you interact with customers and what results they can expect from you. All must be done with clear, concise language that’s easy to understand and take in at a glance.

Your imagery must be excellent, your color palette immaculate and all should underscore your branding goals. While that seems a lot to take in, our design services take all this into account as well as your business goals and strategy to develop a web site that drives traffic, transactions and ultimately, profits to your business.

You can have the most compelling website on the internet, but if people can’t find what they need quickly, they’ll likely abandon your site in favor of one that’s more user friendly. Whether you offer an online catalog, E-commerce sales, blog or appointment setting interface – your customers need to be able to find these tools easily. Clean simple navigation, easy to read menus and prominent icons are important.

Also critical is load time. No one wants to sit idly by while your website straggles to life on their screen. Worse yet is graphics that won’t load, video that won’t play or auto-play content that annoys your customer. A frustrating web experience often means you’ve lost a potential customer for good. SEO Web Logistics uses responsive design techniques to ensure your site loads rapidly on every screen – whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone – and that all functionality thrives on every device.

What your website looks like at a glance is critical – that’s what will catch your customer’s eye. But to keep them on your site long enough to decide they want to transact with you – that’s engagement and it’s critical. Depending on your niche, what you sell, provide or do and who your target customer is, different content will be required to engage and entice.

For some businesses, a blog is an essential customer engagement tool. For others, how-to information, testimonials, product reviews or forums may be optimal strategies. Video content and detailed images are still other forms of engaging content that are appropriate for some companies. SEO Web Logistics will advise on the best content for your purposes and incorporate its development and inclusion into the web design process.

The best website in the world is no good if your target customers can’t find it – that’s where search engine optimization comes in. But what’s better than pursuing SEO after the fact is web design with SEO in mind. From your web page text to your page titles, every aspect of your copy and content must be optimized for search engine results.

SEO Web Logistics has expertise in SEO and will consider every aspect of your site during the web design process to target keywords, enhance page ranking and encourage link building. As part of the web design process, we will incorporate social media functionality throughout your website to enhance SEO and increase engagement. We also offer expertise in pay-per-click services (including Google Adwords) to increase your website traffic.

Why invest in web design?

A well-designed engaging website is one of the best investments your business can make. But the good news is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. SEO Web Logistics recommends WordPress because it is an extremely affordable open-source platform used by businesses ranging from mom and pop shops up to billion dollar corporations such as Sony, Ford, eBay. You can have a world class website without incurring high dollar development costs. One of the best benefits of using open-source WordPress is that you’re paying only for time spent developing your customized content – not for basic programming services.

If you sell online – whether products or services – no matter how small or large your inventory or volume of sales, we can customize your ecommerce portal to make it a world-class selling solution. WordPress is robust enough to support all of your needs including ecommerce and membership sites while simultaneously being the most affordable full-service Content Management System (CMS) on the market. Whether you need a simple storefront or a complex e-retail site, WordPress is robust enough to meet all your needs affordably. We also work in Dreamweaver and JavaScript. You can view our web design portfolio here.

Investing in web design is just good business sense. It’s your digital storefront, your communication tool, and branding medium all in one. The fact is, you can’t do business without a website and you can do a lot more business with a well-designed one!


How we work with you

Starting with a free consultation, SEO Web Logistics will get an overview of your business model, target customer and existing online assets. We will then make recommendations for your web design based on your niche and industry to optimise your web presence. We will advise the types of content, plugins and tools you need on your site to maximize customer engagement and encourage transactions.

From there, we will prepare several design styles to choose from and then get our programmers, copywriters and graphic artists busy crafting your website. This can be done rapidly so we have you up and running as soon as possible. We will then add polishing touches including multi-media assets, targeted SEO content and social media functionality. Your blogs and feeds can be made accessible to your targeted audience through a variety of channels including RSS feeds, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg and more.

From there, you can either take over your website maintenance using the intuitive WordPress administrative interface or partner with SEO Web Logistics to manage your site, troubleshoot any issues and provide ongoing consultation and content to maximize your SEO.

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We offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your business needs, existing web presence and challenges. We’re ready to help you grow your business through targeted customer engagement and SEO strategies – all part of our top-tier web design services. Contact us today!

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