Bayside Grooming


Since 2014, Bayside Grooming has been dedicated to attending to the grooming needs of local dogs, ensuring they feel pampered and present their best selves.

The team at Bayside Grooming is profoundly passionate about dogs—those they groom and the ones they care for at home. This fervor is the driving force behind their work, guaranteeing that every client’s pooch is well-cared-for and cherished during each visit.

Upon arrival at the Birkdale shop, one will immediately observe a spacious, clean, and open workplace. The team strives daily to establish an dog grooming facility that is secure and inviting for dogs of various sizes and personalities.

Crucially, it is evident that the dogs are not caged. Instead, each furry friend enjoys a comfortable space while awaiting pickup by their owners. For those accompanied by another furry companion, the area is generously sized to allow for shared comfort.

To learn more about the services provided by our dog groomers Capalaba, explore the full range of dog grooming services provided by Bayside Grooming.