Capstan Partners


Capstan Partners offers a range of professional coaching services that allow doctors and healthcare professionals to be their best. Their range of coaching programs and coach-skills courses, provided online and in-person, provide the tools required for current and future healthcare leaders to “burn bright”.

Capstan Partners specialise in:

The Capstan Partners coaching philosophy is divided into three categories.


In recent years, healthcare professionals from all around the world have experienced extreme turbulence. Many agree that the pandemic and other issues have compelled both public and commercial healthcare institutions to fundamentally alter their operational models. It is critical to take some time to consider what has changed, what we have learned, and the course you want to pursue going forwards. Our programmes give you professional coaching knowledge, skills, and experiences that are based on the latest research. This will help you become a better leader and clinician.


Once you have identified the changes you wish to make, it is time to act. By taking part in our coaching sessions, you can better concentrate on your priorities. Common topics range from enhancing health and “burning bright” to generating leadership insights, gaining confidence, and career transitions to a variety of workplace difficulties. Our team of licenced, experienced, and evidence-based coaches is available and prepared to assist you in your leadership path. Goal-setting and goal-achieving take place in a safe environment in collaboration with your coach.


We are aware that change is challenging and that finding new approaches to accomplish your objectives may be necessary. Many of us have had similar epiphanies and felt the need to go in new directions, but we’ve never been able to act on them. Our ultimate objective is to assist you in achieving those goals, keep you accountable, and help you apply what you have learned to your daily work so that you and your team can reorient their course and scale new heights.