Flawless Aesthetics

Flawless Aesthetic brings worldwide cosmetic expertise to you

In addition to enhancing your natural beauty, facial aesthetics can help you control and slow down the ageing process. If you’re tired of waking up feeling drowsy despite getting a good night’s sleep, feeling self-conscious about sagging skin, disliking your hooked nose, or constantly checking yourself in the mirror thinking there’s just one small thing you’d like to change, then know that this is completely normal and there is no need to feel ashamed.

The same is true for millions of people worldwide, and in Australia alone, hundreds of thousands of cosmetic treatments are carried out annually. The staff at Flawless Aesthetics takes great pleasure in providing the best and most innovative treatments available, so you know that anything going into your body has been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. To help you feel your best, they provide a selection of anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, facial, and body enhancement treatments.

It’s all about you

The clinic works hard to deliver the results you want. The best products and services are offered by Dr. Michaels Aesthetics at reasonable costs. Dr. Michael (Moheb) Khela is an authority in the area and has long been a specialist in aesthetic medicine. He received his medical training in Australia and has since furthered his education by acquiring international certifications and studying under some of the top Practitioners in the world.

Cosmetic procedures include: