Proscore specialises in an extensive selection of promotional sporting goods for the hospitality industry, as well as corporations and people. Rugby League tipping packs, State of Origin tipping packs, Cup Carnival tipping packs, and Race tipping packs are available.

Browse their great selection of sporting memorabilia, which includes NRL, Boxing, Horse Racing, and Golf, to name a few, as well as unusual items like as ANZAC Cheops and Nelson Mandela’s Hand of Africa. The most coveted collection, however, is that of the 1948 “Invincibles” Australian cricket squad, afterwards dubbed the “Team of the Century.” Viewing the collection here is a very remarkable experience.

Proscore can assist your club with fundraising or your hotel with a special event with sportsman’s shows. Their innovative method combining sport and music has been a huge success, especially when combined with our more than 20 years of experience.

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