The PSA Group

The PSA Group is an Australia-based supplier of technical field services with a major emphasis on the fueling and infrastructure industries. With headquarters located in Queensland and branch offices strategically located right across Australia, PSA is strongly positioned to guarantee that your company remains at the highest levels of operability right throughout the year.

The team at PSA have all the required knowledge, skills and technical prowess to keep your operations running effectively, with dedicated technical support personnel available round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Civil and Environmental

PSA are a prominent figure when it comes to the provision of civil engineering and environmental services, including:

They provide turn-key environmental remediation services, which are purely focused on providing Australia with a comprehensive approach to industrial environmental processes. In a society where conditions and constraints on practices affecting the environment are now more stringent than ever before, environmentally-responsible development and remediation services are now more critical than they’ve ever been. The PSA group provide an extensive range of specialist services such as monitoring, surveillance and resolution that leverage the company’s consider industry experience.

Along with their world-leading civil engineering expertise, they also provide a far-reaching range of maintenance and fuels infrastructure services.

A National Leader With Family Values

Providing complete forecourt solutions across the country to major oil companies and retailers in Australia.

We are one of the few companies in the market that can provide a complete solution for retail and commercial petroleum and LPG storage and dispensing systems, including design, installation, and maintenance.


Our integrity is of the utmost importance to us, and we consider our relationships with our business partners and employees in all aspects of our work.

In our minds, and in every decision we make, we are laying a foundation based on safety, ethics, and our true family values.

Our Employees

Our people are our competitive advantage; they are what keep us striving to be the best and an employer they can be proud of. We will continue to invest in their safety and development, fostering a loyal and committed environment. The value that is at the heart of our company.

PSA will always commit to upholding the same family values that it was founded on, as well as to cultivating a diverse workforce committed to excellence in service and safety.


We see technology as a means of staying ahead of the competition in both our business operating systems and out in the field. We are partnering with market leaders to provide our clients with greater flexibility and service.


Maintaining Compliance, Improving HSSE, and Creating a Safety Culture
We strive to exceed industry standards, proving that safety can provide a competitive advantage. Our commitment to safety is a critical component of our vision.

We are dedicated to operating in a safe and efficient manner while adhering to all safety, health, and environmental regulations.


PSA is committed to conducting business in a way that recognises the value of environmental protection and sustainability.

We recognise the importance of businesses taking responsibility for the world around them and ensuring that all necessary legislation, regulations, and best practises are in place. In addition, we will assess our own environmental goals as well as the environmental impact of our services, construction, and maintenance operations.

We put our practises in place and ensure that all PSA employees are accountable for ensuring that all business activities, facilities, and equipment are managed in accordance with our company’s environmental objectives, seeing this as a team game.


We attribute our success to our ability to move and change before it is necessary, preventing us from having to play catch-up when it is required.

Encouraging our teams to think outside the box and cultivating innovative mindsets so that we can continue to look for ways to improve as a company and as individuals.