Responsive Website Design Gold Coast

Responsive Website Design Gold Coast

SEO Web Logistics specialise in building responsive website designs

Every Gold Coast website we design is responsive (meaning that your site will always look and function correctly on all devices), but the mobile user experience is becoming increasingly important as consumers are spending more time engaging with brands through mobile devices.

The most streamlined approach to offering a cohesive mobile experience is responsive website design gold coast. A responsive website adapts its layout (the elements of your site – text, icons and imagery, navigation, etc.) to the size of the device used to access the site. It utilizes a grid-based system and flexible image sizes to shift your content around as needed — no more pinching and pulling your mobile screen to zoom in and navigate around your site!

At our Gold Coast headquarters, we understand that responsive website design results in a consistent brand experience across all devices, including mobile. According to recent research, 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. And what happens when site visitors enjoy navigating around your site? They stay on your site longer, they engage with your brand longer, and you have a higher chance of getting them to do business with you.

Looking to ‘Go Responsive’ with your new website?

Whether you’re interested in a mobile-specific website or a true responsive website design, we’re ready to help you enhance the mobile user experience for your site visitors. Contact us today to speak with one of our mobile marketing professionals to learn how you can start reaching more qualified leads via smart phones and tablets.

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What are the benefits of Responsive Website Design?

Every visitor will be able to enjoy a version of your website that is optimised for their specific device. Whether it be desktop, tablet or smartphone. People accessing a non-responsive website on their phone or tablet are forced to zoom in and out to navigate their way around, which creates a negative experience and will likely result on less business.

Despite being able to display a customised version of your site to each user, depending on their device, responsive sites still count as a single website, meaning that website data for all devices can be easily tracked within a single Google Analytics account.

In the past, it was necessary to create a website for desktop users and another one for mobile users. This meant that your workload was doubled, every time you wished to update your site. With a responsive site, you only need to maintain a single website, so you’re minimising your workload while maximising your productivity.

In March of 2018, Google announced that all websites would be ranked according to how they performed on mobile devices. This initiative is known as ‘mobile first indexing’ and was done so in response to the ever-increasing number of users accessing the web on a mobile device. In 2018, there are now more people browsing websites on tablets and smartphones than there are on desktops and this trend is set to continue.

In 2015, Google began rewarding websites that were mobile friendly with higher search rankings, while penalising those that were not, resulting in diminished ranking performance for non-responsive websites. Sites that were not mobile-friendly in 2015, saw as much as a 50% reduction in monthly traffic, due to their decimated rankings. A responsive site ensures that your website is mobile friendly and delivers the best possible search engine rankings performance.

Ensure superior SEO performance with a responsive website.

If visitors to your site encounter a poorly optimised experience that is slow, cumbersome and a downright nightmare to use on their device, they will simply seek their answers elsewhere, from a competitor’s website. A responsive site will help ensure that users will be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, greatly decreasing the likelihood of them abandoning your site in frustration.

A responsive website is optimised to provide the best possible user experience on all devices, resulting in greater chance that you’ll convert visitors into paying customers.

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For those wishing to sell items online through an e-commerce website, it is absolutely imperative that you have a responsive website in place. Responsive websites provide attractive layouts and practical interfaces, aimed at allowing users to make purchases with total ease on all devices.