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High performance Web Hosting Packages for Gold Coast businesses

Optimal Gold Coast web hosting performance package for your business

Web Hosting Gold CoastSEO Web Logistics partners with Australian hosting companies for our local market to deliver fast, first class web hosting and domain name management.

We have a variety of hosting packages to suit all budgets including email hosting, mailing lists and SSL security certificates.


Australian based servers and support for local clientele

  • Servers are checked on a daily basis for security & protection
  • No overloading, this ensured premium performance and stability for your website
  • Backups of all data daily , e-mails, databases, none of your data is ever lost
  • Our local servers deliver high performance and stability for your business website
  • All our servers are monitored 24/7, secure, reliable and fast web hosting

Why high quality web hosting matters

1) It’s more reliable

If you make the mistake of signing up with a cheap web hosting service, your website is liable to go offline and experience bouts of poor performance throughout the month. This is especially true if your website garners more traffic than usual. Bargain basement hosting providers typically host far too many websites on their servers, placing immense strain on their already exhausted resources, which results in a diminished user experience for visitors to your site.

With a premium web hosting provider, your website is far more likely to stay online throughout the entire month and deliver A grade performance at all times.

2) Loading times matter

In an age of superfast internet speeds (well, unless you happen to live in Australia), your visitors expect the web pages on your site to load instantly. If they don’t load immediately, they’ll disappear to another site and seek their information elsewhere, potentially costing you a small fortune in lost revenue. According to Google’s own data, 53% of users exit a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Of course, slow web hosting isn’t the only thing that affects loading times. Be sure to check out our article on ways to effectively Speed Up WordPress sites.

Want to know how fast (or slow) your website currently is?

Here’s 3 great tools to use:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Pingdom
  3. WebPageTest (allows you to select a specific device and browser)

3) Superior customer service

As well as performance and reliability, it’s essential that you are able to call upon exceptional customer service whenever you require it. Quality web hosts will ensure a complete range of support options are available to you at all times, whether it’s in the event of a site emergency or just a general enquiry. Being able to remedy any issues that arise in a timely manner will ensure that customers and potential customers alike, remain happy with your services.

4) It helps your search engine rankings

Aside from potential loss of business, slow loading times and random outages as the result of inadequate servers are bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Not only do visitors to your site despise slow loading websites, Google does as well. According to Maile Ohye, Senior Principal Product Manager at Google; “2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second”.

While you may not be able to get your pages to load in under half a second like Google can, it’s important that you have each of your pages loading in less than 3 seconds, to avoid frustrating Google and more importantly, your prospective customers. Page loading speeds now play a key role in determining the search engine rankings of your website and major search engines such as Google are ruthless in punishing sites that do not offer swift performance for site visitors.

5) Prevents catastrophic data loss

All website data is stored on large servers, but like any technology, it’s not failsafe. All technology is prone to malfunction from time to time and all premium hosting providers safeguard against this by ensuring that all data is backed up to multiple sources at all times, guaranteeing that data loss will not occur. Sadly, with cheaper offerings this may not be the case and unforeseen server damage could spell catastrophe for their unsuspecting customers.

Don’t put your website data at risk, just to save yourself a few Pennies. Ensure superior performance, reliability, customer service and web rankings by selecting a premium Gold Coast web hosting provider.


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