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Professional WordPress developers for small businesses and corporate websites
New WordPress Sites
  • Fully customised site development
  • UX design and optimisation
  • Conversion-based site design
WordPress Redesigns
  • Completely reimagined site design and UX
  • Developed with HTML 5
  • Ensure site retains existing URL structure to guarantee seamless transition

An insecure website makes it vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals. WordPress allows business owners to quickly identify and resolve any security breaches in a timely fashion. Due to its enormous popularity, there are an endless number of high-quality WordPress security plugins available which, combined with strong passwords and sensible backend management, provide maximum security for you and your users’ data.


Not only is site speed a Google rankings factor, it plays a crucial role in determining the overall user experience. If your web pages take forever to load, potential customers are going to quickly become frustrated with your site and are not going to hang around. According to Google, pages should load in under 2 seconds. Our WordPress development team understands the importance of site speed and does everything necessary to produce a website that loads in record time. This includes code optimisation, caching plugin setup, image file optimisation and more.


While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a separate discipline from web development, all WordPress sites that we build are subject to a technical audit that ensures your new site or redesign is free from any technical issues that can hinder its ability to be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Why have your WordPress site developed by us?

Creating a WordPress site that is aesthetically powerful, technically robust and extremely reliable can only be achieved by an experienced dev team. At SEO Web Logistics we have the expertise to build an exceptional WordPress site for you, no matter what your requirements are.

  • First-class conversion-focused web designs that are purpose built for your industry
  • Staff on-hand to help you in the event that an issue arises with your site
  • Breakneck site speeds as a result of fully customised WordPress designs
  • Responsive website designs that provide an optimal user experience on all devices
  • Proficiency in WordPress development that spans multiple business sectors
  • Unique WordPress sites that deliver maximum appeal and functionality
  • Sites builds that are completed on deadline and according to budget
  • Complete transparency through the website build process
  • Sites that guarantee maximum security against cyber attacks

Have a responsive WordPress site built around your precise business needs

When clients require a WordPress site for their business, they contact SEO Web Logistics. Our Gold Coast-based web design and development company has established a reputation for producing immaculate websites that are fast, easy to navigate and look fantastic on all devices. All of this combined makes it easier for users to become loyal to your site and its offerings.

WordPress is the number one CMS based on market share, with an estimated 43% of all websites throughout the world using the platform to power their site. At SEO Web Logistics, our development team has decades of combined experience building WordPress sites that are blazing fast, functional and secure. We specialise in quality business sites that strengthen your existing online reputation, or in the case of brand new businesses, create the best possible first impression for your company.


Well-designed builds greatly enhance the performance and longevity of your website. Our WordPress development team focuses on creating custom-built sites that are free from unnecessary clutter. This makes maintenance of your site an absolute breeze.


Gone are the days where users only visit websites using their desktop or laptop. These days, most people browse the web on their phone. Our WordPress sites guarantee an optimal user experience on all devices.


Our WordPress builds give you full control over your site. Quickly and easily make changes to the content that is displayed on your web pages, without any knowledge of complicated programming languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for you to develop a new WordPress site for me?

This depends on the size and complexity of your site, but in most cases, the turnaround time for a custom-built WordPress site is around 8 weeks. This includes the time needed for mockups/wireframe design for custom build, approval of wireframes from clients, dev site setup and design, custom features and functionality coding as per website requirements, mobile and other screen/device optimisation, Quality Assurance (website testing, form/functionalities).

Ultimately, the time frame depends on the website, with simple informative sites able to complete in around 2 weeks. Woo-commerce websites can be completed in as little as 1 month, with more elaborate sites requiring 2 or 3 months to complete.

A basic site can be completed in as little as six weeks while more sophisticated designs, or e-commerce websites, may require up to 10 weeks to complete.
Contact us now to find out how long it will take for us to build your new WordPress site.

How much does it cost to have a WordPress website developed?

Just as development times for a WordPress site can vary, so too can the costs of having one built. An uncomplicated site can be built for as little as $4600. More elaborate site designs with a higher number of features may cost upwards of $10,000 or more.

What qualities should skilled WordPress developers possess?

An experienced WordPress developer will be able to interpret your design brief and deliver a successful outcome that meets your expectations. They will know how to implement all site features that you require in a way that results in the best possible user experience. And finally, they will be able to complete your WordPress site according to schedule, providing you with frequent updates throughout the entire website build.

WordPress Development Services

Custom builds
Not every website fits into a generic cookie cutter template. Some sites require a high degree of customisation and that is where our WordPress development team comes in. We provide purpose-built plugins, mobile features and more.
Our team’s WooCommerce development services allow you to enjoy the benefits of a first-class eCommerce system, without the princely price tag. Let us convert your website into a high-powered selling machine.
One of the best features of WordPress is its plugin integration. Rather than having to reinvent the wheel every time you wish to have a new feature added to your site, our WordPress developers can expand the feature set of your site by adding or modifying plugins.

How to ensure your WordPress build goes smoothly

Whether you own a business that employs multiple staff members or are self-employed, virtually everyone who conducts business these days needs a website. With websites playing such a vital role in today’s businesses, it’s essential that they are built correctly.

Developing a high-quality WordPress site that showcases your business in the best possible light, requires excellent planning. It’s important to understand what your objectives are with your site design before you consult a web developer. The following is a list of things you should do, in order to ensure your WordPress build goes smoothly.

Agree on the final design prior to commencing development

Making your mind up on your design before the development process begins is important, because so many parts of the dev process are affected by the site design. Only when you’re happy with the design should you ever proceed with development.

Consider implementing basic SEO into your build

Even if search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t a priority while your new site is being built, it will be at some point in the future. Fortunately, many web developers also have an understanding of SEO, so it’s a good idea to have them apply best practices such as clean site structure, SEO-optimised page URLs and so on, even if for a small additional fee. Having a poorly optimised site during the development phrase, can become problematic to deal with down the road, particularly if you are going to have a large website.

Minimise plugin use

While third party plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress is such a popular platform, installing too many plugins on your site can cause a number of problems. Firstly, plugins slow your site down which is bad for the user experience and search engine rankings. Secondly, plugin bugs can leave your site vulnerable to security breaches. For these reasons alone, it’s important to keep plugin use to a minimum.

Additional FAQs

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap JS, jQuery, PHP, AJAX and WordPress.

Our team is only ever working on a small number of sites at any given time. This means that when you get in touch with us to have your site built, you won’t be waiting forever for things to get going. Our services are exemplary and our turnaround times are second to none. When you have a site built by us, you get to deal with our project manager directly.

It’s important that you remain up to date throughout your website build, and this is certainly a cornerstone of how we manage projects. Most projects typically begin with a meeting to discuss client expectations and to explain how the process will work. From there, regular communication is a feature throughout the duration of the project.